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Release Notes

April 20248.9Release Notes
April 20238.8Release Notes
Januar 20238.7Release Notes
Juni 20228.6Release Notes
Oktober 20218.5Release Notes
Juli 20218.4Optimierungen & Fehlerbehebung
April 20218.3Release Notes
Februar 20218.2Release Notes
September 20208.1Release Notes
Juni 20208.0Release Notes
Februar 20207.7Release Notes
Mai 20197.6Release Notes
Februar 20197.5Interne Version
November 20187.4Release Notes
Juli 20187.3Release Notes
Mai 20187.2Release Notes
Februar 20187.1Interne Version
Dezember 20177.0Release Notes
Juli 20176.9Release Notes
April 20176.8Release Notes
Januar 20176.7Release Notes
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